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From AI-driven search engines to semantic matching and generative AI, our revolutionary products propel your business forward.

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The rapid development of AI revolutions is changing the IT world at an unprecedented pace. Those who turn a blind eye to this phenomenon will miss out on crucial innovations.

In our free whitepaper, we provide insights into the latest advancements, use cases, and the transformative power of AI technology. We rely on GPT and Azure OpenAI to deliver innovative solutions and valuable insights to you.


  • Generative AI: Revolutionizing productivity and driving economic growth

  • Semantic Crawler-Engine: Efficient and intelligent data processing

  • Intelligent Semantic Search: Rapid and accurate information retrieval

  • Semantic Matchings for Talent Search: Leveraging the potential of data

  • Conversational AI: Generating automated, generative content with Daenet Speech Genius

  • Anonymizing Data: Protecting sensitive information and ensuring data privacy

  • Development of AI Models: Developing tailored solutions

  • Information Retrieval: Revolutionizing customer service and sales

The new software era.

KI Consulting

Discover the keys to the future of your company with our customized AI consulting services. Our goal is clear: we aim to make your company more efficient, productive, and future-ready. Our experts are here to help you transform your challenges into opportunities together.

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Are you a decision-maker or an executive in your company? Then this workshop is your key to discovering the fascinating potentials of artificial intelligence for your business strategy. Learn how intelligent applications like Azure’s Open AI and GPT can create groundbreaking solutions for new challenges.

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